The Team

Arjun Mehta, 27
Founder & CEO
Mumbai, India

In a nutshell, my day begin with the micro - making sure that each client under the consultation of TYS is growing at a manageable pace; and my day ends with the macro - ensuring that TYS as a consultation and the team that comprises it, grows at pace with its clients.

Most importantly, I dedicate time to ensuring that TYS remains topical 20 to 30 years from now, either innovating technological advancements in the field of performance marketing, or through the creation of bespoke products that create a behavioural shift in consumers.

Bhumin Sangoi, 28
Social Media Ads and Analytics Manager
Mumbai, India

- Launching and optimizing online advertisements to increase company revenue using social media platforms like Facebook, Google, etc.
- Planning and monitoring the ongoing Ad campaigns on social media
- Measure the performance of social media ads using a variety of Web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Facebook Insights/Analytics, etc.)
- Acquire insight into online marketing trends and keep strategies up-to-date
- Maintain partnerships with media agencies and vendors.

Rahul Mohite, 27
HOD - Website Build & Maintenance
Mumbai, India

Heading a department which started as an ancillary service and turned into a sustainable revenue source. With 30 plus Shopify stores completed within a year!

Reetika Priya, 25
Amazon Advertiser
Ranchi, India

Hey, I'm an Amazon marketer with experience in Social Media Marketing who helps Shopify store owners start, build, and grow profitable Amazon Stores. I’m genuinely curious to learn about businesses, and then apply my experience and expertise to recommend steps to grow their stores that match their budget and vision.

My vision is to help my clients bridge the gap where amazing business and e-commerce business ideas meet a complimenting strategy to develop their stores that's set up to grow and succeed.

Pravin Talreja, 22
Website-Build Executive
Mumbai, India

Listing Products, Communication with Client, Website Maintainance work (based on client and ads team), Coordinate with coder and Required changes on the website.

Keren Shapurkar, 23
Performance Ads Executive
Mumbai, India

-Startegized performance marketing plans for ecommerce brands.
-Planned and ran social media ads specifically facebook+ instagram ads for e-commerce brands like Shop lune, while maintaining a constant Return of investment i.e 8.5 through constant startegizing and content planning.
-Analyzing ads data and anlytics to narrow down the ideal target audience age and gender while selecting specific ads placements to optimize. This was done for brands like Meal of the moment and Tipsyfly.
- Brand building through content writing, campaign building, and advising on content
creation; as well narrowing the right ad creatives for brands like Disguise
-Client servicing,i.e creating and planning
marketing strategies.
-Ran Google search ads for The cube club

Divya Bhagat, 26
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Mumbai, India

Heading communications for the internal team as well as brand communications with clients, working closely with the website build team. Worked on the projects for Kettle studio, Cara chocolates, The State Plate, and The Greenest.